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 English 9 Honors   


Welcome to high school. Although you are just beginning the first of four steps of your academic journey here at Strongsville High School, this advanced literature course will be the building blocks that will lead you to AP English and eventually to collegiate courses. This course will be treated as the foundation for AP Language and AP Lit with classroom discussions, group activities, socratic seminars, personal and formal writing in the form of journals, extended responses, well-developed paragraphs, persuasive responses, narratives, and extensive writing assignments such as in-class timed essays, out of class typed essays, and research assignments. This course will also delve into the technical side of English with writing structure, MLA format, technology, punctuation, and grammar. Public speaking or what I liked to think of as classroom theatrical performances will also be required for this class as individual assignments for summer reading, group presentations with Greek Mythology, group formal debate, and other mini-performances. When thinking of the hidden depths of a story, whether it is real or fantasy, I always envision a a shovel with a really intricately detailed handled carved with Celtic knots and the words Dig Deeper cut into the metal part of the shovel with the words Videamus Quid Hinc Find in bold black script written vertically on the handled which is translated to mean "See What You Can Find." These are words I live by when I start reading. I hope they become yours as well. Remember: stories aren't always crafted to be full of action or to be loved by every, or sometimes any, reader; however, each story has a hidden message that can be easily discovered or may need a really good shovel. So, without further ado, let's start digging. 


  Syllabus 2016-2017              


Remind (aka Remind 101) will be utilized to notify you of any changes in assignments                                                                                 and to remind you of any upcoming tests, quizzes, projects, etc. 


To join group:   Text @17 wings (in message box)  to 81010 (in phone number box)


Dates, Deadlines, and Important Notifications:


This will be where you can access pdf versions of our monthly calendars as well as find any pertinent information or changes in dates / deadlines.  We will also begin utilizing Google Classroom for some assignments.


 Aug-Sep Calendar






 The Count of Monte Cristo

Character Performance and Pamphlet Assignment 


Movie Review Guidelines and Rubric      Review Example 1     Review Example 2


Essay Rubric Aligned with AP


Essay Instruction & Outline Structure


LAME Thesis and Writing Tips 


Study Sheet for Objective Test 


Sample Essay PPT using quotes 


 Leveled Questions PPT      Leveled Questions as a PDF


Count of Our Live PPT       Count of Our Lives as a PDF


Socrates PPT 




 Worksheets, Power points, Assignments, etc for Short Stories and Lit. Terms:


Lit.Terms PPT   

Lit. Terms as a PDF

"MDG" Worksheet w/ Partner

Copy of "The Lottery"

The Lottery PPT 


 Worksheets,  Activities, Assignments, and other info for The Alchemist 

Parable Example--Good Samaritan PPT

Parable Worksheet for The Alchemist

Parable Pre-Writing Worksheet 

Parable Example--Story of the Butterfly 

Sample Fable

Allegory and Symbol PPT 



Worksheets, Activities, PPTs, tutorials and other infor for the Research Process and Paper 

Research Paper Assignment 2016

Research Paper Deadlines 

LAME Thesis Information 

Steps 1-3 PPT

Sample Paper

Sample Paper 2 

Sample paper with tags 

Taking Notes PPT 

Note card template 

Outline Template 

Sample Intro Paragraphs

Intro Guidelines, Sample, and Dos and Donts 

Introduction Paragraph Template 

Drafting Tips and Guidelines 2015 

Creating a Works Cited Page ppt 

Cheat Sheet for Works Cited and Citations 


Worksheets, Info, PPTs, and other connections to Mythology and The Odyssey

Prezi on Mythology and World Creation Day 1 of Unit

Mythology Background PPT 

Olympian Gods & Goddesses ppt 

Odyssey Final Travel Group Project 

Odyssey Final Travel Group Project Rubric 


Worksheets, PPTs, and other connection to Anthem

Intro to Anthem Worksheet for PPT 

Anthem Study Guide 

Anthem Introduction PPT Take 2 


 Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare Web Quest 

Sonnets PPT 

Sample Synthesis Essay 


Without You, There is No Us

Journal Topics

Dialectical Journal Entry Form 

6 Word Memoir Project 

6 Word Memoir Step-By-Step Prezi


Debate Unit 

Debate Part 1 PPT

Debate Handout 1 

Debate PPT 2

Debate Handout 2

Debate Handout 2a

Debate Part 3 PPT

Debate Handout 3 

Sample Notecard and Template 

Sample Note Card for Google Docs 

Debate Part 4 PPT 

Ind Reasoning and Slovenly 7 

Handout 5 

Debate Handout 6 




 Anthem Online Text


Anthem Group Research Topics 


WebQuest for Intro to Anthem


Uploading Anthem Essay to



Online step-by-step directions: 


Ayn Rand Quotes - you will not blog about this, use this as a Perfect Paragraph assignment.

Directions: Type a paragraph response on a Google doc titled "Perfect Para. 2" and be sure to pay attention to standard MLA formatting- heading, font, title, etc. and standard English. Share it with two peer editors and make changes according to their suggestions.  



Think Pair Share Prompts for Chapter 1 in Anthem- you'll need the graphic organizer from Mrs. Criswell to complete this. 

  1. Clearly, Ayn Rand intended Equality to stand out from his “brothers.” Explain how she accomplishes this by contrasting Equality’s physical qualities and character traits with those of his fellow men.
  1. Why does the Council of Vocations assign Equality the job of street sweeper?  Is it due to error, incompetence or a more sinister motivation?  Explain.
  1. When does this novel take place—in the past, the present, or the future?  How do you know?

4.    Describe a question/comment you have about the reading selection this far. 


Genre Practice online PDF 


Point of View online review: 



Anthem Reading Schedule- Subject to change! 

Day One-     Introduction and read through pg.37

Day Two-    pg. 38-77

Day Three-  pg 78-93

Day Four-    pg. 94- end 

Review and test to follow.  In lieu of test----> Essay!


 Essay topics and guidelines on the Ayn Rand website: 



FINAL DRAFT DUE          on Google docs  


Brainstorming PDFs- after choosing your topic, complete this online and save in your desktop English folder. 


 Before your rough draft 

Text Evidence PowerPoint 


Homework assigned Practice using text evidence 

Read the article: Video Game Violence Article- text evidence practice 

Answer the question ON A GOOGLE DOC (in your shared folder):

 Is video game addiction a real problem? 

State the idea you had about the text, cite what in the text led you to that, and explain the connection.


Anthem Essay Grading Rubric  

Rough Draft- with peer editing apparent

0    5    10

Final Draft-

MLA formatting

0    2    5

At least 600 words/5-para. format

0    2    5

Four text evidence pieces used

0    2    4    6    8

Topic Addressed- reflects knowledge of the book

0    4    8    12


Works Cited Entry

0   2   5 


0    2    5 


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