Hum 111 Week 8 Assignment Powerpoint Presentation

COMPARING ANCIENT FEMALE RULERS 2 Wu Zetian and Pharaoh Cleopatra were two of the most powerful women. When you compare these two women with all of the power that they both had, their resourcefulness, and achievements in the AD and BC times, they both had glorious titles. Wu Zetian was born in Shanxi in 625 AD and died in 705 AD. Wu Shihuo, her father, was a chancellor for the Tang Dynasty. When Zetian was a child, she spent most of her time reading a magnitude of books and her father instilling her with a great education. At 14, Wu was chosen as Emperor Taizhong’s Cai Ren’s concubine because she was beautiful and intelligent. During this time, Emperor Taizhong was impressed by her literary talents and gave her a role to assist as secretary (China history, 2014). This enhanced Zetian’s knowledge of the state affairs. Around 650 BC, after Taizhong had passed away, Zetian became a nun at Ganye Temple. Shortly thereafter, Zetian went back to the palace. When she was called back to the palace this time, she was given the title Zhao Yi (concubine). Wu did not like this title at all and very well despised it.

The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Odyssey have been a part of human literature for many, many years now, they are both more referred to as epic poems. Both epics are found in different points of time in human cultures stretching roughly 1000 years apart. The Epic of Gilgamesh is a poem from early Mesopotamian culture and The Odyssey is said to be written from the early onset of the Greek civilization. The main characters for these epics are Gilgamesh, a demigod and ruler of Uruk, and Odysseus a great warrior returning home to his wife from war. The two main characters of these epic poems, Gilgamesh and Odysseus share many traits together and apart from each other. Among the qualities that these characters display in each of their respective poems, connection to the gods, pride and courage come as shared traits between the two of them, while strength is thought of something both characters have they differ in what strengths they carry with them. Odysseus having suburb mental strength and Gilgamesh have more than mortal physical strength. Odysseus was a great warrior hero from the Greek Trojan war who is trying to get home to his wife after the war has ended. Odysseus invoked the wrath of the Greek god Poseidon for the blinding of his son Polyphemus the Cyclops. Odysseus had all but got away from the Cyclops and was home free so to say, but his pride got better of him. Upon leaving the island


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