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ISB Essays and Application Deadlines

ISB Interview Preparation
Average GMAT Score
Average GRE Score
GMAT Range
GRE Range
600 – 780
303 – 335
Total ApplicantsAcceptance Rate
Class Size879 (Hyderabad: 604 and
Mohali: 275)
Average Work Experience60 Months
Applicant Deadlines for ISBR1: 15-Oct-2017
R2: 15-Jan-2018
Decision DatesR1: 05-Dec-2017
R2: 05-Mar-2018
Length of Program12 MonthsPlacement Information
Fees, Scholarship & Financial Aid Information for ISB

If you are seeking for Indian School of Business admission for the year 2017-18, do not forget to take note of ISB 2018 deadlines that are listed in this page. Make sure that you have your application processed in time so that you do not miss the ISB 2017-18 deadlines for your Indian School of Business admission.

Note: ISB Essays 2017-18 remains the same as previous year and there’s no additional essay required for the re-applicants.

ISB Essays Questions 2017-18 (For Class of 2018):

Essay Question – 1:

If we were to admit just One more candidate to the Postgraduate Programme (PGP) at the ISB, why should it be you? (400 words max)

The objective of this essay is to gauge the value-add the candidate will do to the classroom, peer group and enhance the value of ISB community at large. The candidate must showcase his/her individuality demonstrating how it stands out and differentiated from the rest by highlighting one’s accomplishments, which reflect qualities of leadership potential, problem solving skill, perseverance etc. A direct link between the qualities one choose and ISB’s academic or non-academic resources elaborating how exactly he/she will contribute to experiences of the student body has to be substantiated. For instance,

  • An HR professional can help CAS (Placement committee) in organizing Pre-placement talks and campus interviews for the school in a smooth manner.
  • An Economics or Finance major can take part in leading Finance club and driving its activities

This is the platform for the applicants to best persuade the admissions committee of their worthiness from their personal/professional experiences. Key qualities/traits looked at are penchant to learn, management ability, leadership quality, initiative, collaborative mindset, and achievement orientation.

Other points to be considered for this essay

  • Given that it’s a 400 word limit essay, one can articulate 2-3 attributes with examples.
  • The experiences should focus be more on impact, challenges, learnings, showcasing drive – pushing the limits and challenging the norm with determination.
  • Can write about something significant/ consistent extracurricular (Quizzing, Social Work, Sports) which one is truly passionate about and can speak volumes about and how he/she can contribute to the various professional and social clubs of ISB.
  • Good if there is a demonstrated consistent upward trajectory of the aspect being mentioned.
  • Not to repeat the mere facts which are covered in other part of the application unless there is a need to elaborate in this essay.

Essay Question – 2

Describe your your short and long term career plans. How does the PGP fit in with those? (300 words max)

The purpose of this essay is gauge the clarity of goals and purpose of an MBA. The applicant has to weave a compelling theme that suits his/her career vision with gaps identified between one’s previous professional experiences and future goals and it should all be knit very logically with an MBA from ISB serving as a bridge. While articulating how ISB fits the whole scheme of things, he/she has to be specific about the industry and type of role looking forward to immediately after graduation from ISB. It is very important from perspective of both the Admission & Career advancement councils of ISB, as they bear big onus of placing 900+ students.

Key things evaluated are

  • How the candidate has developed this goal?
  • Why it appeals to him/her?
  • How ISB PGP will contribute to achieve the stated goals?
  • Is the applicant prepared well enough?

Other points to be considered for this essay

  • Can mention some of the unique offerings of ISB that would be relevant to his/her aspiration.
    • How ‘One year MBA’ suits your career (Stating its benefits)
    • Extensive ISB Networking opportunities
    • Faculty model, academic services
    • Professional and Social Clubs – Picking one or two clubs
    • Specific electives, ELP and FIRP
    • Industry Specialization – Healthcare/Manufacturing/Public Policy
  • Mention of personal interaction with the school’s alumni, ISB’s Information sessions, do highlight – Has to be justified if asked during interview
  • Avoidance of general mention of great faculty, interactive classes, good peer group, etc
  • Particularly applicants with 8+ years of work-ex has to justify a clear career path with methodical explanation of career progression from the present to the planned future

Essay Question – 3 (Optional)

Please use this space to provide any other information not covered elsewhere in the application that could significantly impact your candidature at ISB.

Note: It is not necessary for you to write this essay. Please use this space only if there is something really significant that you would like us to know. (200 words max)

ISB Essays Questions 2015-16 (For Class of 2016):

ISB Essay 1 Topic: If we were to admit just one more student, make a compelling argument as to why that student should be you by describing a (only one) challenging experience you’ve had in your personal / professional life. How were you tested? What did you do that sets you apart from others? What did you learn? (up to 400 words)

Analysis: Think about your strength(s) . Where did you exhibit this strength(s). What were the challenges and how overcoming this enhanced your soft skills and/or hard skills. How having this skill makes you stand out from rest of applicants. How does your experiences add to the culture at ISB and enriches the incoming class.

ISB Essay 2 Topic: Describe a (only one) defining moment in your personal / professional life when you had to make a risky decision, and explain what you did and why? (up to 300 words)

Analysis: What was the importance of this task to you/company/your team. What were the consequences of failure. Talk about thought process (Collaborative/alone) to manage risks. Actions taken and result. In the end sum up learnings.

ISB Essay 3 Topic: What are your post-MBA career plans and how will your past experiences and the Indian School of Business programme contribute to taking you there? (up to 300 words)

Analysis: An essay like this wants you to be discreet . Mention about functions and/or sector you will be targeting. What key skills gained at pre-MBA affect your choice. How will academic and non-academic life at ISB help you achieve your post-MBA career plan.

ISB Optional Essay 4: Please use this space to: Explain any career breaks / provide any other information not covered elsewhere in the application that could significantly impact your candidature at ISB. Note: It is not necessary to write this essay. Please use this space only if there is something really significant that you would like us to know. (up to 200 words)

Analysis: Reapplicant : If you had asked for feedback after the reject last time try and talk about how you have overcome the weaknesses. How your profile has changed since last time and how you are a strong contender for the seat.

If applying for first time : If you have very high academic qualifications, extra-curricular activities , entrepreneurship experiences as this add weightage to the application.

However if you have covered all the attributes you wanted to highlight in your other ISB essays, it is not necessary to attempt this just for the sake of attempting.

ISB Essays Questions 2014-15 (For Class of 2015):

Essay 1: Innovation or doing things differently it is said is a key to future success. Could you substantiate or negate this idea based on your experience. Please provide examples from your own experience – either examples of your own innovation or examples of others whom you have worked with. (300 words max)

This essay gives the candidate the opportunity to showcase his/her ‘Out-of-the-box’ thinking and ability to go against the tide when required. This essay holds the key to differentiate yourself from the peer group in terms of creative problem-solving abilities. A key point to highlight in this essay is your ability to get buy-in from other stakeholders, as innovative ideas usually face some criticism/opposition from various quarters (since they are ‘different’ by their very nature). Bringing forth this point would further highlight your convincing capabilities.

Essay 2: Applying to and enrolling in a Business School is an important career decision. Critically look at your career to date, the choices you have made, the key influences behind those choices, your goals for the future and how you expect to benefit from the ISB experience in achieving your goals. (300 words max)

This essay is important to showcase that the candidate has charted out his/her career goals and is clear about what s/he is looking to achieve professionally and how ISB features in this journey. Use this essay to highlight your long-term planning abilities and demonstrate to the ISB admissions committee how you would achieve your career goals. This is also an opportunity to showcase how ISB would play a critical role in helping you achieve your professional goals. We suggest that you highlight your career goals immediately after MBA and weave them into your long-term goals to demonstrate how you are a long-term thinker.

Essay 3 One of the following:

A) This experience completely changed my way of thinking.

Here you may choose to write about an achievement, a failure or just an experience which has led you to change your way of thinking and the manner in which you approach life (personal or professional). While describing the situation is important, detailing your learning from the experience will help the admissions committee understand the significance of your achievement. Here’s your chance to project your depth of learning basis the experiences you have been exposed to.


B) An instance when you went out of the ordinary to achieve something significant, but in hind sight feel you could have done better.

This essay will help the admissions committee understand your maturity of thought and your ability to objectively appraise yourself. While writing this essay, please focus on describing the achievement, the challenges you faced and how you overcame them. Mention gaps in your approach and how plugging those gaps would have helped you improve results.


C) Tell us about your role in a team that made a significant contribution to the organization

Here’s your chance to showcase a situation when you contributed significantly to an organisation as part of a team. While it is important to show how you as a team succeeded, don’t forget to highlight the innovations/ solutions you suggested and quantify their results.


D) Contribution to peer learning and engagement with the ISB student body are important aspects of the ISB experience. What contribution do you expect to make in this direction during the one year at ISB. (200 words max)

Choose a passion, hobby, skill or just your unique personal/ professional experience to talk about here. Read about the project work and clubs at the ISB and clear mention how you will be able to contribute to these activities because of your unique background.

Essay 4 (Optional) Please provide additional information, if any, that will significantly affect the consideration of your application to the ISB. (200 words max)

If you do attempt to write this essay, then please choose at most 2 pieces of additional information not highlighted in any application essay. The additional information could relate to your family background, personal experiences, professional experiences or hobbies. While writing this essay, please be sure to detail how your skills, background or experiences will help you contribute to the ISB.

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Successfully admitted in ISB (2014-2015) so far…


Under Graduation GPA8.35Work experience1 year 8 months
GMAT Score720Industry/SectorIndian Auto Major

"Hi GenEdMBA team,
Thank you so much for your support guys! You made all the difference. I was concerned of my chances as I had average GMAT Score. It was only through your counseling sessions and essay reviews that I  was able to highlight my profile, achievements and objectives in the best manner possible leading to my selection. My admission to ISB Early Entry Option wouldn't have been possible without your support and guidance.
Best Regards

Sameer Ahuja | Admitted in ISB (2014-2015) MBA Aspirant from Delhi 


Under Graduation GPA8.1Work Experience4 years
GMAT Score720Industry/SectorMajor Manufacturing and Supply Chain Co.

I have read through a couple of times the latest version we have. Please look into it one more time before we can wrap this up.
As a next step, I am planning to jot down pointers for my recommendation. Once I have it, I will get your thoughts also before asking the the team members to write the recommendation. Once the recommendation is ready, we can look into it before submitting.
In parallel, I am also going to fill up the application details, I will reach out to you at regular intervals with specific queries.
Let me know if you have any thoughts/ suggestions around this.
I am very happy with the way essays have shaped up and looking forward to building a solid application as well.
Best Regards,

N Chandra | Assisted for ISB Essays 2014-15 ISB Aspirant seeking help for ISB MBA programme. 



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ISB has opened its admissions for full-time MBA program for the class beginning in 2017. While the First round Application deadline is on October 15, 2016, the Second Round ends on January 15, 2017.

We are analyzing below how these essays have to be written to create maximum impact on the admissions committee.

ISB essay 1

If we were to admit just one more candidate to the Postgraduate Programme (PGP) at the ISB, why should it be you? (400 words max)

In this essay, you have to explain why and how you are different from the applicant pool and how you can add unique value to the class as also have dynamic career goals.

ISB, like any other b-school does not like bookish learners, who basically love to follow the herd. They prefer trendsetters who hold the potential to create disruptions in different fields and are driven by an innovative passion to excel. So revolve around past and present where you had a transformational impact through your work, ideas and implementation skills. That would prove you are unique and you have the utmost drive for innovation.

Your ability to add value to the class is another very crucial aspect ISB weighs. So, describe all the ways you can do that. Mind it – don’t say anything which is generic that you were a football player or a guitarist. Talk about things which are very unusual, they add to people’s wisdom. This is where you can add value.

ISB Essay 2

Describe your your short and long term career plans. How does the PGP fit in with those? (300 words max)

You have to explain your short term and long term goals and why they are so. The strategic importance of these goals also need to discussed, as to how progressing your career in the said direction can help you achieve excellence.

Here don’t simply talk of a job role or a job position you would be looking for. Try to show how you can bring about disruptions through the path you aspire to follow. That would imply you are a person of dynamic nature and that you are not simply pursuing MBA for the degree as also you are not a job seeker.

Stress on the importance of learning in MBA and how that knowledge would propel you further ahead. Of course, don’t forget to mention how ISB would add value to your learning in addition to the management education.

ISB Essay 3 ( optional)
Please use this space to provide any other information not covered elsewhere in the application that could significantly impact your candidature at ISB. Note: It is not necessary for you to write this essay. Please use this space only if there is something really significant that you would like us to know.

(200 words max)

You must write the optional essay – most applicants make the mistake of not attempting it, thinking it to be non-compulsory.

Since we have limited opportunity about the broadness inside you in two other essays, this gives an additional opportunity to talk those areas which could not talk about but adds a lot of value to your personal and professional profile.

Re-Applicants –

For re-applicants, they need to write an additional essay as to how they have analyzed their profile in the past one year and how they have improved upon their short-comings. Here, be candid about your weaknesses – rather accepting one’s limitations shows his progressive thinking – that the candidate can work upon certain areas and really move ahead with conviction and courage. Such an attitude sends a positive message to the Adcom.

If you wish to get application advice , you can connect with me here.

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