Josef Palecek Illustration Essay

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JOSEF PALEČEK is a Czech artist who studied at the Chair of Arts of the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University in Prague under Professors Martin Salcman, Cyril Bouda and Karel Lidický. He created many well known books from the 1960’s onwards.

He loves painting drawing, free graphic and illustrations. He has worked with architects, makes tapestry, murals and mobiles. He has created the decor for several animated films and children’s television serials. I like his dreamy Chagall like canvasses with flying figures and enlarged animals.

He has exhibited his pictures in his own country and abroad. (Tokyo, New York, Addis Abeba, Paris, Zurich, Montreal, Munich, Nuremberg, Grevenbroich, Hamburg, Kiel, Vienna, Bologne, Venice, Barcelona, Madrid, Mexico City…)

His books for children have been published by 45 publishers in 27 countries of the world. He has won awards for them in France (Paris 1973, 1974), Germany (Leipzig 1974), Austria (City of Vienna Prize 1972 and 1979, Honourable mention in the competition for the most beautiful book in Austria 1975, 1979, the Austrian State Prize 1989) and Italy (Bologne 1986, Padua 1989).ln Czechoslovakia Josef Paleček won Honourable mentions several times in the competitions for the Most Beautiful Book of the Year and the Prize of the Minister of Culture.

His work has even inspired Moser glassware  to engrave bowls with his Illustrations on them.

Like this:


Ты должен это сделать! - потребовала она и, отвернувшись, начала что-то печатать на клавиатуре Большого Брата.  - Мне нужен список очередности работы на ТРАНСТЕКСТЕ. Если Стратмор обошел фильтры вручную, данный факт будет отражен в распечатке. - Какое отношение это имеет к директорскому кабинету. Мидж повернулась на вращающемся стуле.


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