Funny Homework Excuses For Kids

Hilariously Funny Excuses Students Give for Not Doing Homework

This article presents to you some funny excuses for not doing homework, which are quite a common sight in every grade of school, and sometimes, they're fun to listen to.
If you are a fifth grader and you want to watch your favorite TV show just when you have to finish the work your teacher has given you, what do you do? Personally, I think you watch the show anyway, and give excuses for not doing homework the next day at school! There are so many such excuses, which kids use when they don't do their homework, and though the teacher can tell, they still use these. That's what makes them so funny. Some of them are very spontaneous, as they come right on the spur of the moment when the teacher demands an answer. While some can be mugged earlier, simply to be prepared when the teacher asks you for an answer. Whatever the situation is, you have to give some reason, since the bottom line is that you haven't finished your work. Find some such really funny reasons mentioned in the following article. (Note: Make sure you keep this list away from your teachers or parents, as you never know what will happen if they find it.).

List of Excuses

The list is compiled below, you can take your pick from them; but here's a warning, don't expect them to work always, as eventually, they are excuses!?
  • I accidentally divided by zero and my paper burst into flames.
  • I have a solar powered calculator and it was cloudy.
  • I could only get arbitrarily close to my textbook. I couldn't actually reach it.
  • I could have sworn I put the homework inside a Klein bottle, but this morning I couldn't find it.
  • I was kidnapped by terrorists and they just didn't let me go, so I didn't have time to do it.
  • I locked the paper in my trunk, but a four-dimensional dog got in and ate it.
  • I mistook it for a letter and sent/emailed it overseas.
  • I took time out to snack a dough-nut and a cup of coffee. I spent the rest of the night trying to figure which one to dunk.
  • I have the proof, but there isn't room to write it in this margin.
  • It was Isaac Newton's birthday.
  • I didn't do it because I didn't want to add to my teacher's heavy workload.
  • A bunch of nerds stole it to make sure theirs were completely perfect.
  • It was in my pocket and mom/cleaning lady washed my uniform.
  • My mother took it to have it framed.
  • It was in my back pocket and a pickpocket stole it.
  • I let somebody copy it, but they never gave it back.
  • I was reading it on the way home and the wind blew it away.
  • I left it at home.
  • The dog/cat/hamster/bird/fish ate it.
  • It must have fallen out of my folder/bag.
  • I couldn't figure out whether I am the square of negative one or I is the square root of negative one.
  • My brother/sister/friend made it into a paper airplane and it landed on the roof.
  • My skimpy printer ran out of ink.
  • I left it at school overnight so I couldn't do it.
  • The sink was full of water and it fell in.
  • Aliens took it as a sample of human handwriting.
  • I got mugged on the way home.
  • I was too busy to do it.
  • It was put in the paper shredder by accident.
  • You (the teacher) left it here after I gave it in last lesson and another teacher threw it out by accident.
  • I fed it to the pet/baby/one of those plants that can eat anything.
  • Someone told me there was no homework.
  • It's in my locker and the key's at home/in the locker.
  • I thought it was due tomorrow/next week.
  • Paint got splattered all over it.
  • I was watching the World Series and got tied up trying to prove that it converged.
  • It was used as a rag.
  • The FBI/Federal Police needed it for vital evidence.
  • The computer exploded.
  • I swapped bags/folders and I must have left it in the other one.
  • It spontaneously combusted and vaporized.
  • My sibling's friend showed me how he could eat paper.
  • We had to light the fire.
  • It flew out the car window.
  • The baby tore it up.
  • What homework?
You can use the reasons mentioned above, but completely on your own risk! But not doing it, isn't going to help you get rid of your work, so might as well finish it off. Read and understand the benefits of doing your work on time, and then, plan those important things, like playing, watching TV, or even going to the mall.

There are literally thousands of reasons for not doing your homework. So when you are in trouble, try to catch up with little fun by using cheeky lines. At least your peers will have a laugh at them if your tutor refuses to take them. Your dog and grandma will thank you for not blaming them yet again. Let’s learn 20 crazy excuses for not doing your homework.

A note of caution:Do not use the same excuse several times. Your tutor may not fall for it again.

1. Alien invasion

“When I was busy doing my homework, I actually saw a shadow of a little boy with no hair behind me. It emerged from nowhere. Yes definitely an alien. It looked at me for a while and lastly took my paper, I guess as a proof of human handwriting.”

2. Ran out of toilet paper

“Last night, we ran out of toilet paper, pretty awkward situation, Yeah? And my dad was not feeling good. He grabbed my paper in a big rush and I haven’t seen it since.”

3. Someone stole it

“I remember it very clearly I cautiously placed it in my backpack. When I was traveling to school, I assume someone at the school gates removed it from my bag. And I don’t have it now.”

4. My dad took it

“I was arranging my backpack while having breakfast and about to put my paper in bag. At that very moment, my mother called me in the kitchen area. When I came back it was not there, probably my dad accidentally took it to work.”

5. It flew from my hands

“I was walking on my roof, reading my completed paper and complimenting myself how good it is, and suddenly wind blew it out of my hands. I ran down the stairs to revive it, but did not saw it anywhere. It was gone by then.”

6. Teacher has a heavy workload

“I did not do it because I thought you (teacher) already have enough workload to handle, so I did not want to add to it.”

7. Never said hand it in

“I heard you saying do your homework, matter of fact I did. But you never said about handing it in to you. So I left it at home, but honestly I did finish my homework as you have directed.”

8. A psychic told me I would lose my leg

“While returning home yesterday, my friends insisted on seeing a psychic. I thought it would be fun and so I went with them. When it was my turn, she said I would lose my leg if I do my homework. I better left it. What if I would do my homework and lose my leg. Ultimately you would not have got it because I could not have walked to the class.”

9. Butler threw it away

“I left it on my side table, I kept it loose from the folder. My butler threw it away thinking it as a trash when I was away.”

10. A good deed

“I was walking down the lane when I saw this man. He was struggling with his cardboard box, what he called as ‘home’. So I gave it to the homeless man to insulate his home. I thought he needed it more than I do.”

11. Threw at him

“I was in the lunch room.Another student started criticizing you (the teacher). I could not let him go without letting him know he was wrong. I searched through my backpack to find something to throw at him. But all I could find was today’s homework. I let him have it. And he threw it into the dustbin.”

12. I don’t want to make other students feel bad

“I evaluated my writing, and I decided to not to bring it. The reason, it was so good that it would make other students feel bad that theirs was not as good as mine.”

13. Bullseye

“My little sister wanted to prove that she could shoot like a pro and she took my assignment to use it as the target. She is only two, how could I deny her? So there goes my assignment. It was ripped into pieces before I knew it.”

14. Gone into paper shredder

“I don’t have homework because believe it or not, my friend Joe got a new paper shredder and he had to test it. So he asked me to hand in a paper, I took out a paper from my bag and gave it to him. Before I realized, it was too late already.”

15. No reasons to do it

“I did not do it because of my eyes. I did not see any worthy reason to do it. It was lame and uninspiring. So I thought I better leave to do something useful.

16. It got hijacked

“I was fascinated to testify the theories I was working on. I made a paper plane out of my assignment and flew it to see how mass and speed correlate to each other. But my paper plane was hijacked before I reached any results. And I lastly I realized I have nothing to submit.”

17. Lend it to my friend

“My friend borrowed it from me in order to make sure his assignment was perfect, but he never gave it back.”

18. Had to burn it

“The lights in our house went out due to heavy rain. I had to burn it to get enough light to see the fuse. When lights were back, I did not have enough time to write the assignment once again.”

19. Crashed an air balloon

“I had a ride in a hot air balloon and crashed it in mid-way. It was enough to damage my back. I was unable to move my body an inch in bed. So it was impossible for me do the homework.”

20. Not giving away my ideas

“After doing my homework assignment, I took the decision that I should bring the assignment to class. The reason is, there are possibilities that you may steal my brilliant ideas and use it as yours.”

Hope these excuses save you from the wrath of your tutors and examiner. But remember the more you use them the more they lose their acceptability. So it is someway better that you hand in your assignment on time, no matter how much your peers are amused to hear these cranky lines from you.

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