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Fax Cover Sheet: Fax is also known as the telecopying or the telefax which is simply a telephonic transmission of the printed material which is scanned and it is transferred with help of a telephone number which is connected to the printer or any other device. Fax method is being used from ancient time for sharing the documents with the help of Fax Cover Template, in 1842 the development of first fax machine takes place, although it has been a long time since fax machine was created still they are not considered as the useless material since they are still very important for sharing information.

If we talk about the average faxes, then we will see that there are on an average 17 million of different faxes which are being sent every year in all over the world , you can easily send faxes for different type of situations in your daily life like at the time of internship or to send your documents for interview. As we know that fax is being used from very ancient time but a question that always comes to mind is that why is faxing still a very important part of this digital world. Let us come to know something more about the faxing , fax cover or fax cover sheets and much more.

Free Fax Cover Sheet

As , we all are aware that faxing is a way of sending your documents from one place to another place , and the best part is that faxing is totally free , now we will be going to tell you something about facing and different ways by which you can send fax totally free of cost. As , this fax system is too old so with the development this system has also got into different changes , previously we were only able to send the fax with help of the fax machine but now the online faxing system has also been introduced with help of which you can send your free fax without any problem.

Faxing is a sharing method which is spread in all over the world and used everywhere for sharing professional or personal information in different states or even in countries. You can send the fax from one country to another also as it has a very vast network range. The trend of online faxing is also very popular but still most of the users still prefer the fax machine to send their fax as it is not free takes nominal charges but the best benefit of using fax machine is it can not be hacked while the online faxing can be hacked and your personal and confidential information may be at risk.

Everything is their own merits and demerits if there are demerits of online faxing then there are merits also that it is the fastest way of sending the fax , you can send fax free of cost by using an online faxing method.

Fax cover sheet

A fax cover sheet is an attached document which is sent to your fax if you are sharing any important papers and it is a necessary part of fax. When you send the fax you need to first of all , put this fax cover sheet on the top of all your documents in the fax machine and after that send all of your documents. You should remember that either you are sending your fax with help of the traditional method that is of a fax machine or either with help of online faxing in both cases you need to use the fax cover sheet.

Now , the main part that comes is how to prepare a fax cover sheet , do not worry we will tell you that how you can prepare it manually or you should know that you can also get different templates of fax cover sheet from our site which we are going to provide you free of cost so that you will be able to save your time and can easily send your fax. Fax sheet is simply a sheet of paper on which the Fax cover is prepared for your documents which you are going to Fax , this Fax cover includes all of the necessary information which is needed to be known by the recipient. Let us know something more in detail about the Fax cover sheet –

Important things that a fax cover sheet must include :

As we all know that it is important to include a fax cover sheet with the fax now, the thing that comes is what are the necessary information that a normal fax cover sheet should include, so we will tell you that what these important things are then a fax cover sheet needed to have –

1 . As the fax cover sheet helps us in identifying the sender and receiver of the fax that is on the fax cover sheet it should be mention that who is sending the fax and to whom with full name and contact details. It helps in several ways sometimes it happens that the person whom you are sending a fax is not available at that time while you send but if the proper detail of recipient is mentioned on the sheet it will clearly go to the right person who is the owner of it. If we talk about the sender’s detail over the Fax cover sheet then these details help the recipient to easily conclude that who is the sender and he will recognize him / her and will consider those documents more quickly after seeing the details of a sender.

2 . A normal fax cover sheet also includes the particular area for the details of documents , in this section you needs to mention that why you are sending fax and how much important is it and can also provide the list of all documents which are enclosed with fax , this section is important for the sender if the fax is urgent and he is wondered that will any one take the fax seriously if not so for proper mentioning if urgency level of fax this section is utilized. Now , the details of the enclosed documents should also be mentioned on the fax cover sheet as this help the recipient in finding all of the enclosed document and nothing will be missed as it reduces the chance of forgetting or missing of the document.

3 . The last important thing which should be mentioned on a good fax cover letter is the date on which transmission of a fax is taken place and the number of pages which are sent , these both information are very important for the accuracy and keeping the records perfectly. The mentioned date on the fax cover sheet also helps the sender in substantiating that he is sending the documents on correct time before the deadline for submission. If we talk about the importance of writing a number of pages then it is necessary because with help of these numbers the receiver will easily be able to recognize that proper transmission has taken place and nothing is missing or left and in this way, your fax will be protected from any kind of incomplete transmission.

A cover sheet should include on it as ” 4 pages are included with the cover sheet ” , this will create an alert in the mind of recipient and he will collect all of the pages properly and will come to know that total 4 pages are going to be transmitted and in case if any of the pages are missing or not available then receiver can also contact the sender with regarding this.

Fax cover page

Fax cover page is an additional information which can also be used while sending the fax. The fax cover page helps the sender to State the privacy and security of the transmitted papers with a warning for some documents. There are many organizations in which privacy statements and confidential information are sent with the help of cover page like in government agencies, financial institution, legal offices and so on.

If the cover page or the statement is included with the fax then it will help the receiver or alert him regarding the delicacy of the documents sent and will help in safeguarding the confidentiality of documents. There are some companies who also use or send faxes for the transmission of the memo which can include documents, joining letters , offer letters etc on which a brief summary is also written , normally a fax cover sheet is known as the fax cover page or you can also include it separately.

Fax cover letter

Fax cover letter or fax cover sheet both are same things just in different ways. So , now we are going to tell you some important things which should be mentioned while writing a fax cover letter. As , we all know that a fax cover sheet is normally a sheet of paper on which some important and delicate information is written which helps in considering the severity of the documents which are transmitted and help in arranging all of the documents in correct way which helps it to read them easily and quickly which has the information regarding both of the parties , the one who is sending the fax and the other who is going to receive the fax. Let us told you some of the important points which are mandatory to be included in a fax cover sheet while writing it –

Mandatory details which must be written on Fax Cover Sheet

1 . Date

2 . Name of the company of receiver

3 . Name of the company of sender

4 . Phone number of the receiver

5 . Phone number of the sender

6 . Fax number of the receiver

7 . Fax number of the sender

8 . Total number of pages which are transmitting including the fax cover sheet.

Optional information which can also be written on Fax Cover Sheet

1 . Tagline of the company of sender

2 . Logo of the company of sender

3 . Name of the individual receiver

4 . Name of the individual of sender

5 . Level of delicacy or urgency

6 . Physical or email address of the sender

7 . Physical or email address of the receiver

8 . Field of the subject

9 . A brief message or description for the enclosed documents of the fax

10 . Whether the reply is necessary or not

The another thing while writing a fax cover sheet which you should remember that if it is a professional cover sheet then make it as simple as possible and do not create any designing or avoid fancy cover sheets but if on it her hand you are going g to send your fax for any party, event or for creative business like as birthday party, Christmas Eve or an invitation of event then you can use a fancy and decorative cover sheet otherwise we will suggest you use normal cover sheets.

Fax Cover Sheet Templates

As there are different types of fax cover sheets for different uses and every needs them for their fax but writing a fax cover sheet will waste a lot of your time and the main thing that everyone does not know the correct way of writing it and any mistake can create a bad impression over the reader so solving your this problem we have brought up the different fax cover sheet templates on our site which can be downloaded easily and then you can use them for your personal or professional use.

Although, the trend of fax cover sheet is on the high peak so their many online sites which provide you these fax cover sheet you can also have from their we are providing you these cover sheets free of cost that is you do not need to pay anything for downloading. We mentioned this several time that there are different types of fax cover sheets for different uses and purposes but what are they let us have a look over these free fax cover sheets which you are going to get today from here –

Fax Cover Sheet Examples

1 . Fax template

2 . Printable fax cover sheet

3 . Fax cover sheet word

4 . Fax cover sheet PDF

5 . Blank fax cover sheet

6 . Sample fax cover sheet

7 . Basic fax cover sheet

8 . Fax cover sheet free

9 . Generic fax cover sheet

These are some examples of fax cover sheets which are most widely used and are considered as most common to be attached to a fax for writing all of your necessary information. Now, you will be curious to know something more about these fax cover sheets in detail, do not worry we are going to tell you or provide you some details of these fax cover sheets so that you will be able to conclude that which type of cover sheet will be good for you. Just read it out below for getting more information :

Fax template

So , the first example which we have seen is fax template. We all.know that what templates are , the template is generally any thing on which all of the basic information is written previously and after that you just need to enter or include some of the personal information in the template. We are going to provide you the fax template which will help you a lot.

These templates contain all of the necessary information and the points that must be included in the typical fax cover sheet what you all have to do is simply download this cover sheet template and you can use it while you send your fax especially if you are sending an online fax it will be going to help you a lot. The best part of using these fax templates is that you will save a lot of your time which will be wasted while you write any fax sheet now , you are getting a prepared cover sheettemplate and you just need to download and fill some of your personal details in it and ready to use. You can see how simple is this to use and obviously you are getting it free of cost you do not need to pay anything for this.

Printable fax cover sheet

As , you can use the fax template by downloading and for sending an online fax but what if you need to send an offline fax. Do not worry we have something free you and this is printable fax cover sheet , these cover sheet also include all of the necessary information which is mandatory to be included in a cover sheet the only thing in which it is different is you can take the print of it. What you all have to do is just simply download the cover sheet from our site and then take a print out of it. Now , you have to fill up all of the personal details of you and your documents you can also fill information before printing it is all up to you.

Now , attach this downloaded sheet with your documents and send it to its right place. Printable sheets are best as they allow you to make editing and if you want any correction then you can easily and simply do , another thing that this will save a lot of your time as you do not need to write a cover sheet you just have to download and take print of it. As you are going to get them free of cost so , these free printable fax cover sheets are very helpful for you and will reduce your lots of burden and pressure with Savage of time and money.

Fax Cover Sheet Word

Although , we send the cover sheet mostly for the professional uses but sometimes we need to send it for personal use all and at that time this word format of fax cover sheet will help you a lot as you are sending a personal fax so , you need to create a lot of changes in it according to your requirement and it is only the word format which allows you to edit and show your creativity. As we all know that for the professional uses we should send a simple and free of a design fax cover sheet but for the personal fax you can use the fancy templates or add some design to your fax cover sheet which is only possible with the word form of the cover sheet.

If you are thinking that you can only use the word format of fax cover sheet just for the professional use then you are wrong , you can also use it for the professional purpose thinking how , as there are many businesses which needs the creativity to be shown and if you are writing a fax for any creative event or party then it is needed to look attractive and without designs nothing can become attractive. So in the creative business like for any birthday party , event , Christmas celebration or invitation of the wedding or any thing you can use the fax cover sheet in word format and can decorate it in your own way and style.

Fax cover sheet PDF

PDF files have their own benefits , although their not much demerits if we compare with its merits. While sending any online fax these PDF formats of fax cover sheet will help you a lot , sometimes he needs to change the format of file which is easily possible with it as we all know that PDF files can easily be converted into the .docs and .xls format depends on the requirement this is the best benefit of using PDF file now , the second thing that comes to it is they are not editable.

When you first create changes in your own way in the PDF format of fax cover sheet then after it no one will be able to create any changes in it either with an intention or by an accident your fax cover sheet will remain safe that is free from any kind of editing. This does not end here , you can not only use the PDF fax cover sheet for the online use you can also use it for the offline use , as these cover sheets are easily printable and you can use them after printing it on a sheet of paper for sending a fax with a fax machine.

So , you can see that this format is very helpful for you with different uses and benefits of its own and you are going to get this format absolutely free that is free of cost yes , you do not need to pay anything for having this PDF file with you. Just download the file , mark the relevant information and then save it now it is ready to use either online or offline in both ways.

Blank Fax Cover Sheet

This is next example in the list of fax cover sheets , sometimes we do not get satisfied from ore written information on these fax cover sheet templates and we needed to write much more information which is the demand of our documents or fax but for writing the more information we need more space so, for solving your this problem the blank fax cover sheet will help you a lot. On this blank sheet, you will get a lot of space in which you can write anything which you want and mention any detail regarding your fax , this space is very helpful for you and easily usable.

You will be going to got only some contact rated details over the blank fax cover sheet and below that you will find a lot of free space which is very helpful for you and will be able to write all if the details which are not written and the additional information which you wanted to add to your fax cover sheet. You can also use this template for both used online and offline as you can easily take the print out of it after downloading and after all you are going to get it completely free as other sites will not provide you.

Sample Fax Cover Sheet

There are many people who just need to send a fax for a review or not for any professional use in such cases you need a typical fax cover sheet which will have all necessary points. So , in such cases where you do not need any kind of specific fax cover sheet as you do not have to mention any specific detail then at that time, you can simply use this sample fax cover sheet it can be used in every type of documents. Sometimes it happens that we do not know the speciality or won’t be able to guess that which type of cover sheet will be suitable to your documents then in such situation you can use this fax cover sheet and you are able to use it in both cases either offline or online and get it completely free of cost without paying any charges.

Basic fax cover sheet

It is although same as the sample cover sheet , the only thing which is different is that it only has the basic information which very covers sheet needed to have so that you can use it at any place either professional or personal. If you are going to send any fax just in a reply or for a request or a fax without demanding any reply then this cover sheet will be helpful for you. As , it is the basic cover sheet which can be used for both formal and informal condition and contains all basic information which is needed to be attached with the documents like contact details , the full name of both parties , number of pages , name of documents enclosed etc. So , you can also use this fax cover sheet for you and send your fax by attaching it to your documents.

Fax cover sheet free

So , although all if the sheets which we are providing you completely free then you may be thinking why to specify it. As , in this section you will be going to get a typical fax cover sheet which is available free of cost on other sites also while the other sheets which we have told you earlier will also be available on other sites but for getting them you need to pay some charges instead of it we are providing you all of the necessary fax cover sheet templates completely free and this one is also free of cost which can be used by everyone for sending any kind of fax either professional or personal.

Generic fax cover sheet

Now , the last example about which we are going to tell you from this cover sheet list is of the generic cover sheet. Although , it is not specific or contain any different from other sheets but the only difference that this sheet has is , it provides all of the important and necessary details which are needed to be known by receiver at a glance that is by looking over the cover sheet the reader will come to know all of the things and it is used in both cases professional or personal , but the designing of template in such a way that it can contain all of the necessary information with denoting the urgency level of the fax or documents that are enclosed.

This is the last template in our list but there are many more templates which comes in the list of fax cover sheets but these are the universal and most used templates by everyone for using with a fax.

Closure ,

So , we come to know a lot of new things today now we are going to summing up this article and just have a single glance at the things which we read today. First of all, we told you about the fax and it’s used then after it we come to know about the faxing method or technique that there are two methods of facing which are using nowadays but tell most preferred method of faxing is still same which is an ancient method with help of fax machine. Later on, we come to know about the fax cover sheet, what they are , why we use them or what are the important things that are needed to be mentioned in a fax cover sheet.

So , you see how important is fax cover sheet, after this, we get an idea about the fax cover sheet template which can be downloaded easily and at last we look over the different examples of fax cover sheet which are going to be used in daily life. So, this was all we learned today and is important for those who are fax users as you are going to get these cover letters completely free so keep downloading and save your time and money

While the Internet seems to have replaced many forms of technology, it hasn’t modified the need for businesses to communicate in a variety of ways. People still make phone calls from landlines, but we also use Google hangouts and Skype. Fax machines are still a very big part of the business world, especially when it comes to international contracts and professional communication. Whether the fax machine is a physical machine or a virtual machine, it’s still in use in businesses across the world. While many remote regions still have spotty Internet access and slow download speeds, fax machines have become a favorite standby for businesses to exchange letters, contracts, proposals and invoices. They’re also often still used to apply for a job.


Even if you’re a Millennial or digital native, you’ll need to learn the in’s and out’s of this still-important form of business communications. While the types of fax machines have changed, the construct of the basic letter or cover sheet has not. Read on to learn about how to use our printable fax cover sheets to put your best foot forward when it comes to business. We have several free examples on this page for you to download.

Fax Cover Sheet Templates

Are Fax Cover Sheets Really Necessary For Businesses?

Whether you work as a manager, an administrator, or a salesperson in a business, you will probably have a lot of forms that you’ll use on a regular basis. Most companies develop standard templates for these purposes.

However, if you’re a small business just starting out, you may want to take a look at the various cover letter templates on this page and get a feel for the type of image you want to reflect.

One reason for having a standard cover sheet for business communications has to do with branding. A company that is trying to build a strong reputation will want to attach that reputation to all of their business communications.

Think of it this way: the cover letter is the envelope for a fax. It tells the recipient who the fax is from and who it is directed to. It also contains important contact information as well as a summary of what is attached. Many companies create fax cover sheets that are specially designed to build on their brand image. The fax cover sheet, although black and white, should contain the company logo, tagline, and creative elements as space allows. Your cover sheet, when sending a fax to a customer or prospect, is usually very important. By addressing it to a specific person or department, you are tells the person who checks the fax machine who to give the correspondence to. The cover letter can also label the documents that follow as confidential. Usually, administrative personnel will respect this and staple the cover sheet to the other documents. They will then deliver it directly to the intended recipient.

In companies where faxes are only picked up intermittently, it is important to include a cover sheet so that your fax stands out and gets to the correct person. Sometimes a business such as a large law firm will have upwards of ten fax machines. Sometimes the opposite occurs; a business may only have one fax machine to a hundred employees. It’s hard to know the exact person and department a fax is intended for without a proper cover letter.

There’s no specific layout of pattern for cover sheets and faxes, but there are a few standard fields you should include in your fax cover sheet:

  • To and From fields, including contact information
  • A subject line, similar to emails, and a letter body explaining the attached documents
  • Indicate how many pages are attached, including the cover sheet.

While the layout of your fax cover sheet template should be clean, you can also customize it. Just keep in mind that the sender and the recipient names are clearly labeled.

If you’re sending a physical fax, the cover sheet will need to be filled out and printed. Make sure that when it prints it is clear to read. A good template for your cover sheet will go a long way. We have several fax cover template examples for you on this page. Feel free to play around with them and print them out.

Fax Cover Sheet Examples

Use A Simple Free Fax Cover Sheet to Be More Secure

Keeping your information secure is a top priority among businesses today.  Many organizations, especially nonprofits and healthcare providers, still use faxes to transmit information and important documents, such as prescriptions, or medical lab results, quickly and privately. Because of this, you will want to always have a professional fax cover sheet with a statement of confidentiality clearly stated on it. This is true when sending sensitive emails as well.

A typical statement of confidentiality reads as follows:

Statement of Confidentiality

The contents of this fax message and any attachments are confidential and are intended solely for recipient. The information may also be legally privileged. This transmission is sent in good faith, for the sole purpose of delivery to the intended recipient.

If you have received this transmission in error, please discard and destroy its content immediately. Any use, reproduction or dissemination of this transmission is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please immediately notify the sender, (your company name) via email or phone at (your phone number).

If you work in a sensitive position in a law office, medical provider or social services organization, this privacy statement is often a legal requirement. Due to privacy regulations, you will want to make sure your fax cover sheet clearly identifies the recipient.

Because your organization wants to make a good impression, as well, you will want to brand your fax cover sheet by adding a logo and other distinctive features that you might use in your printed correspondence as well. Choosing a clean, bold font is advised because many fax machines copy poorly.

There’s a lot of other useful information you’ll want to add to your cover sheet, such as how many pages are attached, your email and website address, your tag line, if you have one, and other specifications. A great fax cover sheet template will help your communications be clear and professional. We have several printable fax cover sheets available as samples for you to download today.

Fax Cover Sheet Samples

Fax Cover Letter Tips for Job Applicants

There’s at least one situation where an individual is set to the task of creating a fax cover letter. Usually, it’s when we want to get the job. While it used opt be common to mail your cover letter and resume, nowadays, it’s more common to fax, email or upload these vital communications. While there are still times when a company will request paper resumes and cover letters, it’s still a good idea to get permission to fax it. The reason for this is that a fax is more immediate and will get your resume seen by somebody.

Email may seem like the quickest route, but it’s easy for the recipient to screen out people and delete the email. Faxing a resume can help put the information into the right person’s hands –literally- and, at least in theory, may help you get your cover letter read. You can also more easily control the presentation of materials that you fax, while in emails, the formatting will more often than not come out differently.

How Else Can You Get Your Fax Cover Letter to Stand Out?

  • Focus on the Format: As with any cover letter or business communication, your cover letter needs to be properly formatted, typically in block style format.
  • Error-Free: Check your cover letter for any spelling mistakes by using your word processor’s spellcheck program. Once you’ve done that, take the time to read the letter out loud to yourself to scan for any awkward language.
  • Be Clear and to the Point: You’re writing the cover letter to introduce yourself, but you don’t want to waste much time to get it down. Your cover letter should be no longer than one page in length.
  • Write a Strong Introduction: Do your homework and read up on the company you’re applying to, their corporate culture and their place in their industry. Make sure you have the name of the person who is doing the hiring. This is whom you want to address it to. Make sure you mention the job and the title that you’re applying for, as well as how you heard about the position. Do your best to let your passion for the job show.
  • Identify Your Skills. In the paragraphs following your introduction, you should focus on your skills and how you’ll fit them with the position’s requirements. Pay special attention to the language used in the job description and adapt your language accordingly. You want the recipient of this cover sheet to know that you hold the same values as the potential employer.
  • Close the Cover Letter Strongly: You can sum up the letter in a few sentences, but remember the primary purpose of your fax cover letter, as a job applicant, will be to get your resume read, and secure a job interview. With this in mind, you can re-state how you believe you’re a good for for the company, and let them know more information lurks in your attached resume. Let them know when you are available to interview, and how they can contact you. You should do this even if your contact information is in the top of the fax cover sheet.

Remember that your cover letter needs to be written in a persuasive tone. Don’t be afraid to be creative or include details that may help you stand out from the crowd. Mention any awards you’ve won, favorite classes relevant to the business, and other skills that may not have made it onto your cover letter.

Fax Cover Letters

For Businesses: What to Always Include In Your Fax Cover Letters

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; every now and then there comes a time to send or receive a cover letter. Whether you’re using a machine or an online faxing service, it’s important that a professional cover sheet or letter accompanies the documents you send. A cover letter, as we mentioned earlier, is to fax machines what an envelope is to the paper letter. It tells the recipient where the fax is meant to go, who it is to, who it is from, whether the information is confidential, and the total number of pages that have been sent over the fax.

Without a cover letter, a fax is naked. It may be incomplete, but no one would know that. In fact, without a cover page, your fax machine is likely to be ignored, thrown away, or handed to the wrong person. There’s absolutely no good excuse to skip the cover page when you send a fax.

Besides the essential to and from information, a fax with a cover letter has an air of professionalism that you just won’t get without a cover sheet. Downloadable and printable templates, like the ones on this page, give you a variety of options, from the barebones approach to a designed cover sheet. You can use your cover letter to creating the right image for your business, and add a bit of class to any proposals, invoices, or other documents that your business regularly sends.

Because so many businesses have digitized their fax services, you no longer have to worry about using up their expensive toner ink with each fax. This means you can make the cover letter page with decorative elements, even if they have a lot of elements that use ink.

Of course, the documents you send should also be professional and well written, too. Don’t underestimate the power of good business communications. If you’re not sure where to start, we have a lot of templates for a lot of commonly used business documents on our website. By coupling your fax machine with excellent, professional communications, you can help ensure your business projects a solid, professional, trustworthy reputation.


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