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Inspired by listening to teachers’ top requests to improve OneNote and Class Notebooks, today we are excited to announce improvements in 5 areas:


  1. OneNote embedding with popular 3rd party education partners
  2. The roll out of assignment and grade integration on OneNote for Windows 10 and OneNote Online 
  3. Assignment and grade improvements for Teams in Education, Schoology and Synergy
  4. Rolling out multi-class page distribution available for OneNote Class Notebooks inside of Teams for Education
  5. Education Resources integration with OneNote Class Notebooks


New OneNote embed parters – and Screencast

Today we are excited to announce two new partners that can now embed into the OneNote canvas by pasting a URL.  This integration is enabled now, and will work on the latest OneNote clients:


Flat.IO – the popular Online music notation software that also allows collaboration.  Music teachers celebrate - now you can embed this to use interactively inside of OneNote!


Screencast – now you can easily embed videos created by TechSmith’s Screencast directly in OneNote.


To see the list of all OneNote Embed partners, visit


Assignment and Grade integration comes to OneNote for Windows 10 and OneNote Online

As announced at the BETT Conference, we are bringing Assignment and Grade integration to the OneNote Class Notebook Toolbar, including the ability to integrate with over 35 Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Student Information Systems (SIS).  With today’s blog, we have started enabling these capabilities worldwide, and will be rolling out over the coming weeks.


Class Notebook now gets assignment and grade integration support for OneNote for Windows 10 and  OneNote Online



OneNote Class Notebook Addin Update – version

This new version of the Class Notebook addin includes:

  • Teams for Education - Decimal grades and custom points are now supported
  • Schoology - Decimals grades and Schoology categories now supported


  • Synergy - Multiple grade types are now supported


To get the latest Class Notebook Addin update for OneNote Desktop, click the “Update” button, or go to and download the latest update.


Multi-class OneNote Page Distribution in Microsoft Teams

Today we have started rolling out the ability for teachers using the Assignment app in Microsoft Teams to distribute a OneNote page to multiple class with a single click.  To see an example of this, see the screenshot below 


Improvements to Education Resources in OneNote

As announced in September, Microsoft has a preview Education Resources tool that integrates with OneNote and FOrms.  Today, we've expadned the Insert | Education Resources feature to show a thumbnail picture of the resources.  Example is below:


As always, please send any feedback or questions directly to the team at

Top Selected Products and Reviews

  • "Ideal notebook for a budding lyricist" - By Helen M. Davis (Los Angeles, CA)
    I purchased this for a 12-yr-old aspiring lyricist, who is currently writing lyrics on everything and anything, when he is not playing computer games. He will love this dedicated notebook, which will allow him to add his inspirations to his lyrics and see the quotes of musical notables. A great little buy.

  • I am a songwriter and I needed the prefect book to write my lyrics in instead of just a plain old notebook and I do not use the computer anymore since about 300 of my song got deleted. The reason why I love this book is because it has tons of room for your song lyrics per song and has the inspiration and song title. I also enjoy how it has to write the music to the lyric which is hard to find around where I live. My parents surprised me with this for an early Christmas gift and I cannot wait to get started in it.

  • "Very durable book. Beautiful design! Pages for lyrics and music every time you turn the page! Great deal for the price!!" - By Cranger22
    This book is beautifully made. I purchased this book for my daughter, who wanted a songwriting book to write down her song ideas. She doesn't know yet how to write music, but I will teach her in time. I love that there are two sides to this book - each page has one side (left page) for writing down song lyrics, and the other page (right side) for writing the music. Plenty of space and lines for writing your music lyrics and notes on each page. And the lines are not too closely spaced together, so it is easy for her (9 years old), still learning to write neatly in small letters, in nice legible writing.

    The book is constructed durably and the pages will never fall out. The front is shiny and I love the design on on the cover. The inscription/writing however is not as legible as ... full review


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