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CBSE Solved Sample Papers for Class 8 for English – Second Term

CBSE Solved Sample Papers for Class 8 for English Subject (Term 2)  is given below. The solved sample papers are created as per the latest CBSE syllabus and curriculum keeping in mind the latest marking scheme.


Q.1 – Read the passage given below carefully and answers the questions that follow:

One day, the old emperor shah jahan became ill. His son, Aurangzeb, who always wanted to be the emperor, put his father in a jail. Jahanara begun, the eldest child of shah jahan, did not leave her father and want to jail along with him. Her dais, “I shall share the sufferings of my father. He needs me in his old age, and I shall never leave him.” Shah jahan lived in the jail for seven years and then he died. During that period,princess jahanara stayed with him and took care of him. After the death of her father. She returned back to her own palace. She continuedto live there and spent the rest of her life serving the needy and the poor. Before her death, she gave away all her money to the poor and needy.


(a)    Who was shah jahan’s eldest child?
(b)   What did Aurangzeb do when shah jahan became ill?
(c)    What did jahanara do before her death?
(d)   Find words in the passage which mean the same as:


(a)    Jahanara begun was shah jahan’s eldest child.
(b)   When shah jahan became ill,(his son) Aurangzeb put him in jail.
(c)    Jahanara went to jail along with her father when he (her father) was in jail
(d)   Shah jahan lived in jail for seven years
(e)   Before her death, jahannara gave away all her money to the poor and needy.

Question 2. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow by choosing the right alternative.

Sarojini Naidu was educated in her carely years under her father’s own care. He wanted her to become a great mathematician or scientist but she loved to dream and writers poems. She was hardly eleven when she wrote her first poem.

At thirteen she wrote a long poem in the manner of famous English poets. After her matriculation in India she went to England for higher education in lender. She met sir Edmund cross a distinguished man of letters. He was impressed by her knowledge and intelligent. He was surprised to see that she had written poems in flawless English but felt disappointed to find that they had nothing of the east in them. They were all about English sights from this day onwards; she devoted herself to writing verses about India.


  • Sarojini Naidu loved to__________

(a)    Become a great mathematician orscientist.
(b)   Be an English poet.
(c)    Be an English teacher.
(d)   Dream and write poems.

  • She wrote her first poem at the age of______

(a)    Ten
(b)   Eleven
(c)    Twelve
(d)   Nine

  • She wrote a long poem like English poets  at the age of_____

(a)    Ten
(b)   Thirteen
(c)    Twelve
(d)   Eleven

  • Sir Edmund goose is known as a ______

(a)    Intelligent and knowledgeable person
(b)   Renowned English poet
(c)    Distinguished man of letters
(d)   Mentor of Sarojini Naidu

  • The word ________ means ‘distressed’.

(a)    Flawless
(b)   Disappointed
(c)    Higher
(d)   Hardy

Answer :

  1. (d)
  2. (b)
  3. (b)
  4. (c)
  5. (b)


Question 3. Write a paragraph on any one of the following topics:

(a)    Work is worship
(b)   Child labor
(c)    A visit to hill station

(a)    Work is worship

Ans. Everydayworships lord in one form or the other to seek his blessings for success in life.  Lord however helps those who help themselves. Hard work is the only key to success. We should work sincerely and regularly to achieve our goal. Idol worship is a futile exercise. Nobile work is the true worship of lord. Those students who study hard reap better than those who shirk their studies. Hard work is the true foundation of one’s career in life work has no substitute. The fruits of labor are sweeter than the gifts of god.

(b)   Child labor

Ans. Child labor has increased a great deal at present small children can be seen working .they work in unhygienic conditions in road side labor, fields, bricks kilos and nickel-painting factories. They work there on meagerwages. Most of their employers are parities. They force them to work for ten to twelve hours a day such children have to forgo their playful activities and studies. They are not given proper food and clothing. They keep shivering in winter and sweating in summer. The matters ill treat them. Even girl children have no escape from child labor. They work in brick kilos or where roads are built. They carry heavy load son their heads. The fixture of the child labor is darker and unsafe. They will be exploited everywhere at all times.

(c)    A visit to hill station

Ans. A hill station is a beautiful place to visit. During my summer vacation, I went to Shimla, my uncle lives there. He invited me to spend my holidays there. I boarded the Shimla mail and reached there early in the train moved very slowly. It passed through many tunnels moved like a snack. I was happy to enjoy the natural scenery of high mountains. But the view at Shimla was very charming. There were ridges, chhotta Shimla, lakkar bazaar, the temple of jakhu. I visited kurfri and had a view of snow. When I returned home I brought fruits and beautiful presents. Its memory is still fresh in my mind.

Question 4. Write an application to the principal or your school requesting him/her to arrange extra classes for math and science.


Write a letter to SHO of your area complaining about the theft of your bicycle from the school compound.

Ans. Examination hall,
The principal, G.B.S.S. Nangloi, Delhi.
16 September, 2009
Respected sir,

I am a student of 8th B of yourschool. I am good at studies. I am feeling very disheartened as our math and science course is not going properly. As you know sir that our subject teacher has been absent for many months. It would be really good if you could arrange extra classes for math and science.

Thanking you.
Yours obediently,


Examination hall,
The S.H.O.
Rohini west,
16 September,2009


I am a resident of Rohini, sec-8 and a student of S.K.V. sec-8, Rohini. On 14th, I got really disturbed when I could not find my red coloured hero cycle in the school compound. I searched for it everywhere. There is prateek printed on it. It was a new bicycle. I am really disturbed due to loss of it. It would be really kind of you if you could get my bicycle traced.

Thanking you.
Yours sincerely,
2/34, b-block,sec-8,

Question. 5. You are Neha/Nikhil of Ramjas public school. Write a notice to be put on the school notice board regarding annual day to be held in your school.


Complete the story below on the basis of the hints given below.

Two friends-goes on a journey-promise to help each other-pass through forest-one sees a bear-becomes afraid-climbs a tree-other lies down and saves his life.


Ramjas public school, Delhi

18th October, 20xx

All the students of the school are here by informed that our school is going to celebrate its annual day on 31st instant in the school hall. The programmee will consist of songs, drama, dance, speech and fancy dress competitions. Interested students may submit their names latest by 25th to the undersigned.


Cultural secretary


Two friends and the bear

Once there were two part friends. They were ram and shyam. They set out on a journey. Their way lay through a forest. They promised to help each other. On the way they saw a bear coming towards them. They were afraid. Ram was selfish. He climbed up a tree. Shyam did not know how to climb. He down on the ground. He held his breath. The bear came and snuffed shyam body. He took him for dead body and went away.



QUESTION . 6. Fill in the blanks with correct form of verb:

(i)                  Did you____ this colour? (choose)
(ii)                I _____ to Shimla tomorrow? (go)

Ans .

(i)                   choose
(ii)                 shall go

Question .7. Arrange the jumbled words to make proper sentences:

(a)    Came/the/class/to/teacher/the/
(b)   Spread/people/for/hatred/each other/selfish

Ans .

(a)    The teacher come to the class
(b)   Selfish people spread hatred for each other

Question 8 .change the following into indirect from of narration:

(i)                  He said to me, “ why are you late”
(ii)                Ram said to sham, “ two and two make four”
(iii)               They say, “ we are students”


(i)                  He asked me why I was late.
(ii)                Ram told sham that two or two make four.
(iii)               They say that they are students.

Question 9. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.

(a)    He called _____ me.(at,on,in)
(b)   I had this suit made ____ order.(to, on, by)
(c)    The teacher took him _____ trek.(to,at,on)
(d)   He has been well looked ___ (at,after,on)


(a)    He called on me.
(b)   I had this suit made by order.
(c)    The teacher took him to talk.
(d)   He has been well looked after.

Question 10. Read the following sentences and rewrite them into passive voice.

(a)    I wrote a letter.
(b)   He was doing his work.
(c)    He helps me a lot.


(a)    A letter was written by me.
(b)   His work was being done by him.
(c)    I am helped by him a lot.




Question 11.

(a) Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:

Suddenly jody was unwilling to have mill-wheel with him. If the fawn wan dead, or could not be found, he could not have his disappointed seen. And if the fawn was there, the meeting would be so lovely and so secret that he could not endure to share it. He said, “It not for now, but the scrub is very thick for a horse. I can make it on foot.” “But I’m afraid to leave you, suppose you get lost or got bitten by the snake, too?”


(i)                  Where was jody going?
(ii)                Who wanted to come with jody?
(iii)               Whom did jody want to find?
(iv)              What was the danger of going alone?
(v)                Pick out the word from the passage which means ‘to tolerate’.

Answer :

(i)                  Jody was going to the forest to bring the fawn.
(ii)                Mill – wheel wanted to come with jody.
(iii)               Jody wanted to find the door fawn.
(iv)              The danger of going alone was that mill-wheel might get lost in the thick scrub or get bitten by the snack.

(b)Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

The first day of monsoon mist.

How all the bird full silent as the mist comes climbing up the hill? Perhaps that’s what makes the mist so melancholy; not only does it conceal the hills, it blankets them in silence too only an hour ago the tresses were ringing with build song. But now the forest is directly still as through it were midnight?


(a)    Name the chapter from which this passage has been taken.
(b)   What does rain bring with it?
(c)    What has happened to the birds?
(d)   Which word in the passage means to ‘hide’?
(e)   Why does the author call mist melancholy?


(a)    The passage has been taken from the lesson ‘a short monsoon diary’
(b)   Rain brings mist with it.
(c)    The birds become silent due to climbing of mist upto the hill.
(d)   Conceal.
(e)   The author calls mist melancholy because it conceals the hills and blankets them in silence.

Question 12. Answer anyone question in about 80 words.

How did jody feed fawn when it was brought back home?


Write the character sketch of Stephen hawking.

Ans. Jody went into the kitchen. The fawn went after him morning milk stood in the kitchen safe. Jody skimmed the milk into a jug. He put milk into a small ground. He held it out to the fawn. He dipped his fingers in the milk and put them into fawn’s soft wet mouth fawn sucked milk greedily, he dipped his fingers again and the fawn sucked. The last of the milk vanished in a swirl of foam.


Stephen hawking is one of the greatest scientists of four times. He suffers from a form of paralysis that confines him to a when chair. He can speak only by punching buttons on a computer. The computer speaks for him a machine like voice. Stephen had not allowed himself to be departed had not disability. He had authored the book ‘a brief history of time’ and also joined at university of Cambridge hawing has left the message for disabledthat they should concentrate on what they are good at.

Questions 13. Answer any four questions in 30-40 words each:

(a)    What experience did the write get as an ever ester?
(b)   Why did penny boxer allow jody to go find the fawn and raise it?
(c)    Why was the writer nervous at the prospect of meetings Stephen hawking?
(d)    Why did the grandmother ask the children not to kill the chuchundar?
(e)   What did the poet say about his thoughts and poems?(the great stone face-II)


(a)    As an ever ester writer got an experience to face the difficulties with strong determination. This experience was purposeful. It also taught him to look at the inner summit.
(b)   The fawn belonged to the above. They had killed to draw out of the poison to save penny and it was ungrateful to leave the fawn to starve. So penny boxer allowed jody to go.
(c)    Writer was completely nervous because he had forgotten that such a worth author of abrief history of times could have lived there. He was completely disabled. In spite of that he had become professor at university of Cambridge.
(d)   Grandmother asked the children not to kill chuchundar as they are lucky and bring money. Infact author even gets small cheque in the mail.
(e)   The poet told invert that he could hear in his own songs the distant voice of a heavenly song. His life was different from his poems. He had no confidence in his own thoughts.

Question. Read the stanzas carefully and answer the questions that follow by choosing the right alternative.

(a)    Said that duck to the kangaroo, good gracious. How you hope over the fields and the water too, as if you never would stop. My life is a bore in this nasty pond, and I long to go out in the world beyond. I wish I could hope like you said the duck to the kangaroo

Questions :

(a)    The ___ out and the cricket
(b)   Geography lesson ____
(c)    The duck and the kangaroo ______
(d)   The last bargain ______

  • What did the duck say to the kangaroo?

(a)    How he sits
(b)   How be hops
(c)    How he walks
(d)   .how he eats

  • My life is a bore in this nasty pond. Whose life is referred to?

(a)    Kangaroo
(b)   Lee
(c)    Ant
(d)   Duck

  • “I wish I could hop like you” for whom ‘you’ is used?

(a)    Kangaroo
(b)   Cricket
(c)    Duck
(d)   Ant

Answer :

  1. (c)
  2. (b)
  3. (d)
  4. (a)


B. when I set out for lyonnesse

A hundred miles away,

The rime was on the spray;

And starlight lit my lonesomeness

A hundred miles away.


(a)    The last bargain
(b)   When I set out for lyonesse
(c)    The school boy
(d)   Geography lesson

(a)    Thomas hardy the poet
(b)   Poets friend
(c)    Poets sister
(d)   Poet’s mother

(a)    Mynnesse
(b)   London
(c)    Lynnesse
(d)   Los angle

  • Which words shows that it was late evening?

(a)    Rime
(b)   Lon
(c)    Spray
(d)   Starlight


  1. (b)
  2. (a)
  3. (c)
  4. (b)

Question 15. Answer any two questions in 30-40 words:

(a)    What does the boy in the poem ‘the school boy’ wishes for?
(b)   In the poem ‘the cross hopper and cricket5’ which are two seasons.
(c)    What change was brought in the poet after his visit loynesse?


(a)    In the poem “the schoolboy” the boy wishes for freedom to do something creative.
(b)   In the poem ‘the cross hopper and the cricket’ the two seasons mentioned are summer and winter. They are represented by cross hopper voice and the cricket song
(c)    The poet had a change after his visit to lynnesse. He had magic in his eyes and radiance in his face.

Question 16 : Answer any four of the following questions:

(a)    Who was the better swimmer rajni or suraj? How do you know it?
(b)   Why according to indranideloi, had the comet not been disastrous?
(c)    What does the project ‘light brigade’ refer to?
(d)   How did he plan to pay the fees next day?(jalebis)
(e)   According to Vera why did her aunt keep the window open every evening?


(a)    Ranji was the better swimmer. He could swim the length of the pool a dozen times without tiring. He could early dive also which the Punjabi boy could not do.
(b)   Duttada informed his wife indranideloi that the comet had gone away without proving disastrous to earth. She told him that there could be some major disastrous on earth. However all such disastrous were averted due to yajna at their house
(c)    Project ‘light bridge’ refers to a very important and secret astronomical operation. Project Bridge also helps to push comet dutta from its path.
(d)   He hoped to get the scholarship money the nest day. So he planned to pay his fees the next day with scholarship money.
(e)   Her aunt believed that her husband who had left for shooting three years ago would come back some day. She kept windows open.

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Examinations are getting tough every day and so pressure on students are increasing day by day. Here we have brought ICSE CLASS 9 ACCOUNTS SAMPLE PAPER for ease of students

Question 1

(Spend only  35 minutes on this question)

Write a composition (not more than 350 – 400 words) on any of the following topics :

(a) Me and my big mouth!

(b) punctuality is the virtue of life. Ellaborate a real life experience.

(c) Pets are important for every house. Write for or against the topic.

(d) Write an short story which would illustrates the significance of the statement

One lie give birth to other lie.


(Spend 20 minutes on this Question)

Select  any one of the following:

(a) Write a letter to trhe editorial head of any newspaper telling him about your views about global warming , its effects and what should we do to prevent it.

(b) There is a huge event in your school and due to some reason your friend has missed it . Write a letter to your friend describing him the function and what was your role in it.

Question 4

(a) In the following passage,  there is a word given in the brackets fill in each of the blanks numbered 1 to 10 the correct form of the word and do not copy the entire passage.


(0) discussed.

The other day we (0) ______(discuss) the attitudes of people in our

country. Why (1) _____ (be) most of them are considered to be rude and aggressive? Sanjay

asked  Kalpana (2) ______(say) that it (3) _____(be) because there

(4) ________(be) too many people and one had to fight for everything.

Nirode (5)______(insist) that it (6) ______(be) the climate. We

(7) _______(be) as efficient and polite as Europeans if only our weather

(8) _______ (be) better.

(b) Fill up the blanks with the best suitable word:

(i) Her parents live ________ New Delhi.

(ii) Joe’s parents are sick ________ his behaviour.

(iii) Colonel Gurmeet congratulated the soldiers _______ their victory.

(iv) The planet was seen ________ the telescope.

(v) The news of his promotion came ________the next day.

(vi) He is not afraid _______ the consequences.

(vii) He rushed ______ the class as he was late.

(viii) The school is famous _______its sports achievements.

(c) Rewrite the following sentences with a suitable preposition but do not use and, but, so :-

(i) Sonia asked a riddle. I was unable to solve it.

(ii) John helped Thomas. Thomas will always be grateful.

(iii) Rajan is amazing singer. He is also popular.

(iv) Adnan sang a wonderful song. It became a hit.

(d) Rewrite the sentences as per the instruction given, without changing the meaning of the sentence:-

(i) We had not even walked one kilometre when they stopped us.

(Begin: Hardly …………………)

(ii) The memory is so vivid that I will never forget it.

(Use ‘too’ in place of ‘so’)

(iii) That need not happen.

(Rewrite: using does.)

(iv) Food and sleep were all we cared about.

(Begin: All …………………….)

(v) We sat there face to face with our accuser.

(Begin: There ………………………….)

(vi) Herbert consulted his parents before accepting the job offer.

(Begin: Herbert did not ………..)

(vii) Put your tools away, the children may fall over them

(Use: lest………………………)

(viii) It was the last time he saw his wife.

(Begin: Never……………………)



Question 4.



2. to say





7. would have been



i.            In

ii.            With

iii.            For

iv.            By

v.            About

vi.            of

vii.            to

viii.            for


i.            Sonia asked a riddle which I was unable to solve

ii.            John helped Thomas therefore he would always be grateful

iii.            Rajan is amazing singer that is why he is also famous

iv.            Adnan sang a wonderful song which became a hit


i.            Hardly had we walked one km, they stopped us.

ii.            The memory is too vivid to forget

iii.            That does not need to be happened

iv.            All we cared about was food and sleep

v.            There we sat face to face with our accuser

vi.            Herbert did not accept the job offer before consulting his parents

vii.            Put your tools away. Lest the children might fall

viii.            Never would he see his wife.




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